Work Requests in Roswell

Christian Brothers Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Roswell. Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing's recent work requests in Roswell and nearby areas!

Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing & Contracting, LLC'S recent work requests in Roswell, GA
Vicinity of Knoll Woods Terrace in Roswell
Need to trim first course of shingles about 1-2" to help flow into gutter system. Had leaf filters installed and some water flows over the gutters & filters onto the ground below. Thank you.
Vicinity of Branch Valley Way in Roswell
We have a small leak in our roof. leaking into attic
Vicinity of Roswell Green Lane in Roswell
Flashing around sky light window is leaking
Vicinity of KNOLL WOODS COURT in Roswell
Looking to replace our roof
Vicinity of Courage Ct in Roswell
New roof needed, have 3 quotes and want to compare with yours. Roof is 42.9 sf based on measurements from competitors and quote was given on true definition duration product. Please quote me to see if you could win my project as I am ready to do it in few days. I can provide detail breakdown of other proposal for you to get the similar quote but except sf and product all of them do install felt, flashing, drip edge, lomanco vent and ice water shield. Thanks,
Vicinity of Pembrook Place in Roswell
We believe we have a roof leak/damage. We have water marks on the side wall of our living room coming from the ceiling (there is no plumbing in this area) so we suspect there may be a roof issue.
Vicinity of Eves Circle in Roswell
I have 2 spots on my ceiling that have grown and I am worried they are going to get exponentially worse. I'd like to get someone out to give an evaluation and estimate before we get into the harsher winter weather.
Vicinity of Branch Valley Way in Roswell
I find a moisture spot at the connected edge of wall and ceiling of my guest room. So I want to check if anything is wrong with my roof. The moisture spot is more wet during raining day.
Vicinity of Timbercreek Circle in Roswell
We have a leak...
Vicinity of Burlingame Dr in Roswell
Leaking roof.
Vicinity of RIDGEFIELD DRIVE in Roswell
I need an estimate for roof repair and replacement.
Vicinity of Legacy Dr in Roswell
Do you do soffit repair?
Vicinity of Lakemont Ct in Roswell
Our current roof was last replaced in April of 1996 so we are in the process of getting estimates to have it replaced.
Vicinity of in Roswell
Attention Manager/Owner. Hello how are you? My name is Craig Johnson. I would like to know if you can do a perfect job for me? i need a Full Roof Repair on my new Home, I Will like to know if you can do this for me and what major credit card do you accept , Kindly let me know and send me your full shop address with cell number so i can text you all the details. Regards
Vicinity of Crossville Court in Roswell
I think I have multiple leaks in my roof and am very worried. Would like estimate on repair vs replacement asap
Vicinity of Ansley Way in Roswell
We have developed a leak in one of the upstairs bathrooms
Vicinity of Lace Wing Ct in Roswell
Need a quote on a whole roof replacement with some siding repair and soffit repairs/venting as well.
Vicinity of S.Shore Pl in Roswell
Need to place 3 patches for roof repair
Vicinity of Oak Knoll Way in Roswell
We have water coming in from an exterior door, we would like to have someone come and see if the water is coming down through the roof ASAP! Thanks!
Vicinity of Saddle Lake Dr. in Roswell
Water Leak near chimney. water leak at a vent pipe. And would like an inspection of the whole roof to see if there are any other issues.
Vicinity of Rounsaville Road in Roswell
Our HOA is taking bids for repair/replace of roof on a small clubhouse + inspection for repair/replace on a second small clubhouse. Please contact me for an on site visit to bid. Bids are due mid-April. Thank you.
Vicinity of Crab Orchard Court in Roswell
Rotted wood needs to be replaced on chimney and other areas on house
Vicinity of Bainbridge Trl in Roswell
Leaking roof near vent boot.
Vicinity of Knoll Woods Terrace in Roswell
Need roof replaced (old).
Vicinity of Sweetwood Way in Roswell
Need estimates for roof repair or replacement. Some parts appear to be rotten near the soffits so I'm not sure the extent of the damage.
Vicinity of Arya Drive in Roswell
We need our roof replaced. It is original and about 20 years old.
Vicinity of Martin Rd in Roswell
I would like to get a quote on roof repair or roof replacement. I'm in Roswell.
Vicinity of Creek CT NE in Roswell
Roof leak in sun room (previous owner added sun room to house)
Vicinity of Hidden Pond Lane in Roswell
We believe we have a leak in our roof because our upstairs bathroom ceiling has a couple of water spots.
Vicinity of Elgaen Place Dr. in Roswell
Tin roof on sunroom is leaking into ceiling
Vicinity of Lakestone Ct in Roswell
Need to repaid roof leak near chimney
Vicinity of Wilde Run Ct in Roswell
Roof leak.
Vicinity of Branchwind Close in Roswell
Have not had a roof inspection in many years
Vicinity of Wexford Mill Ct in Roswell
Have a leak in siding (I think) where a roofline leans toward (instead of away) from house and also decking is too close and keeping water from getting to gutter. Need siding repair and gutter asap. Want a quote on replacing roof.
Vicinity of Hunters Glen Pl in Roswell
Found you on Angie's List. I had a guy stop by offering free roofing estimates and, to nobody's surprise, he found damage. I'd like a reputable second opinion.
Vicinity of Saddle Creek Cir in Roswell
Need pricing for some soffit repairs and a new roof.
Vicinity of Lake Charles Dr in Roswell
Leak in kitchen skylight
Vicinity of Tuxedo Court in Roswell
Roof leak.
Vicinity of Roswell Farms Ct. in Roswell
Water stain in bathroom from roof leak...have been trying to find a contractor and leaving messages..but no one will call back. Need to have this looked at ASAP.
Vicinity of Branch Valley Way in Roswell
We have a new water spot on our ceiling in our kitchen.
Vicinity of Tyson Court in Roswell
Need roof replaced. No leaks just needs replacing.
Vicinity of Lake Ridge Ct in Roswell
Our roof is in bad shape. Leaking at the chimney and we have lost several shingles.
Vicinity of Northwind Terrace in Roswell
We are closing on this house on April 27th. House was built in 99; Would like to tear off and replace the existing roof With new asphalt, architectural shingles.
Vicinity of Log House Ct in Roswell
Leak around skylight
Vicinity of Taylor Oaks Drive in Roswell
We have a split level home. Two roof portions. We would like to have an estimate for new sheathing and flashing as well.