Work Requests in Marietta

Christian Brothers Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Marietta. Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing's recent work requests in Marietta and nearby areas!

Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing & Contracting, LLC'S recent work requests in Marietta, GA
Vicinity of Forest Glen Drive NE in Marietta
Fairly sizable branch landed on the roof and bounced off onto the ground during Irma. Cursory exterior examination shows no visible damage but I'd like to have the roof inspected to be 100% sure that there's no damage.
Vicinity of Caneridge Drive in Marietta
Roof replaced about 4 years ago. Roof is leaking through or around bathroom vent.
Vicinity of Riverhill Road in Marietta
We have water damage in upstairs attic closet from the roof. Need roof checked and inside of closet to see damage
Vicinity of Coyte Court in Marietta
We need our shingles replaced.
Vicinity of Park Place Terrace in Marietta
We have a leak around the HVAC vent pipe going out of the attic through the roof.
Vicinity of Stoney Ford Dr Ne in Marietta
Need new roof
Vicinity of Clearbrook Drive in Marietta
Vicinity of S. Meadow Ct. in Marietta
I found you in Angie's List. I have a small job of flashing around the chimney chase.
Vicinity of Clinton Drive in Marietta
Need inspection of roof and estimate completed quickly :)
Vicinity of Windburn Dr in Marietta
Total roofing shingles replacement.
Vicinity of HAMPTON VIEW CT in Marietta
Small leaks and have had this roof for over 10 years
Vicinity of in Marietta
Have water leak in celing when it rain
Vicinity of Post Oak Tritt Road in Marietta
Roof condition
Vicinity of Old Canton Rd in Marietta
Broken ceiling tiles in our youth group room due to leaky roof are of a concern especially during rain and heavy rains. Snow and ice over winter may have worsened conditions.
Vicinity of Ernest Barrett Pkwy in Marietta
Roof leak.
Vicinity of Hicks Rd Sw in Marietta
Our roof is 20+ years old. We have a small leak and at this we might as well pay to replace the entire roof. We'd love to get a quote from you guys. Thank you
Vicinity of Chestnut Creek Dr in Marietta
No issues, just thinking it might be time for a new roof.
Vicinity of Briarcrest Ct in Marietta
Hi i need an estimate and also like to know if you offer financing option. thanks,
Vicinity of Courtland Oaks Trl Sw in Marietta
I just want to get a quote on a roof inspection.
Vicinity of in Marietta
Hi, My name is Nicholas. My wife and I are looking to buy a new home. The property in question needs siding and possible a new roof. I wanted to know if I provide you with pictures and some dimensions could you provide me with a rough quote. I understand that this would not be exact in any measurer but I want to get a general idea of costs?
Vicinity of Pete Shaw Rd in Marietta
Shingles have come down from roof . Seems to be other shingles loose.
Vicinity of Sagewood Drive in Marietta
Roof maintenance, seal flashings, seal skylights.
Vicinity of Belford Dr in Marietta
We are purchasing a home in Marietta and need a quote to do a roof tear off and replacement.
Vicinity of North Mountain Road in Marietta
I have a leak around a HVAC vent pipe and i have a few shingles popping up. Roof 5 years old
Vicinity of Soaring Way in Marietta
Our roof is about 18 years old and this last month we noticed some water spots where our ceiling meets the wall in our family room. There have also been 5 to 6 homes in our neighborhood put on new roofs. We'd like to get an estimate on a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Scott Oaks Ct SW in Marietta
I would like an estimate of roof shingle repair and also roof replacement on the back of our home, as well as the entire roof.
Vicinity of Charles Ave. SE in Marietta
Replace carport roof
Vicinity of Cedar Fork Trl in Marietta
Recently seeing a few spots of water come through the roof into the house due to nail holes. Would like a repair estimate and also a replacement estimate.