Work Requests in Decatur

Christian Brothers Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Decatur. Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing's recent work requests in Decatur and nearby areas!

Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing & Contracting, LLC'S recent work requests in Decatur, GA
Vicinity of Cocklebur Trail in Decatur
Roof leaks and need inspection
Vicinity of Preakness Dr in Decatur
I was informed that I have a dip in the valley of rood that needs repair. Also, I have a few shingles missing from the side.
Vicinity of Caintal Ct. in Decatur
Need estimate for new roof and possible gutter work
Vicinity of Bonner St in Decatur
We have a balcony that is over our laundry room and was sealed but has started leaking at the footers of the balcony- another roofer came gave us an estimate told us we need boots around the footers and said he would come back and we never heard from him again! We already redid the drywall in the laundry from the last time it was leaking! We need something fast!
Vicinity of Truitt Lane in Decatur
I need a roof replacement. Maybe gutters too (not sure).
Vicinity of Resting Creek Drive in Decatur
Leaking roof on the deck roof
Vicinity of Brandenberry Court in Decatur
Need a new roof.
Vicinity of Vine Circle in Decatur
I need a new roof on my 1400 square foot ranch home.
Vicinity of Superior Ave in Decatur
Looking to replace roof on original portion of house that was not renovated. Need to match shingles of newer renovated roofing. Interested in your flat-rate offer I saw on Angie's List.
Vicinity of Vine Circle in Decatur
I need a new roof
Vicinity of Gena Dr in Decatur
My roof is not too old, but I have leaks in the living room and the kitchen. I need a repair, not the entire roof.
Vicinity of Wonder Valley Trail in Decatur
Single family ranch style home, 2200 sq ft full roof replacement
Vicinity of Canal St in Decatur
I need an estimate for a new roof.
Vicinity of Scott Cir in Decatur
We would like a quote to replace our old roof.
Vicinity of Soapstone Rd in Decatur
I need a roof replacement.
Vicinity of Sagamore Hills Dr. in Decatur
I need new roof and soffit/trim replaced.
Vicinity of Fairoaks Rd in Decatur
There are 2 areas of moisture in the attic .
Vicinity of Hidden Creek Place in Decatur
As a result of so much rain, there is a leak over my garage. Mole has developed and it is leaking behind the wall also.
Vicinity of Catherine St. in Decatur
I would like an estimate on a new roof, to include installation of ventilation and new plumbing pipe, caps etc