Work Requests in Atlanta

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Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing & Contracting, LLC'S recent work requests in Atlanta, GA
Vicinity of Mayfair Dr Ne in Atlanta
The exsisting roof is very old and needs replaced. no leaks so far though
Vicinity of Chatworth Court in Atlanta
Roof inspection needed. We need some flashing installed. In addition, we have some wind-damaged shingles that need to be repaired. We do have a leak that is coming from our roof.
Vicinity of Carlotta Ct in Atlanta
We have a hole about 12 inches x 4 inches in our eaves. It needs to be patched and repainted. We also have some flashing that needs to be repainted.
Vicinity of Sheffield Dr NE in Atlanta
Plywood around skylight area is water damaged.
Vicinity of Beecher Street SW in Atlanta
Experiencing a leak during rain. It is not a leak but want it taken care of before it gets worse.
Vicinity of Colby Ct SE in Atlanta
I have shingles that I have been told are recalled and subject to potential litigation. I am interested in replacing them as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Campbellton Road, SW in Atlanta
Currently the house has a hole in the roof and needs repairing.
Vicinity of Woodcliff Court NE in Atlanta
Spotted inside ceiling leaks upstairs and in the stair well
Vicinity of Hidden Forest Ct in Atlanta
Replacing roof and gutters
Vicinity of Tilton Ln in Atlanta
We in the process of purchasing this home, and it needs a new roof. We are looking to get an estimate of the cost to replace. The house is a split level, but the roof is a single story with a small addition that is rolled roofing that needs replacement as well. We want to utilize Architectural shingles.
Vicinity of Leah Lane SE in Atlanta
I'm concerned that I have a leak but my roof is also nearing 15 years old and several neighbors have had to have work done recently.
Vicinity of Spender Trce in Atlanta
Need to replace the roof and want to upgrade insulation. We have an exposed ceiling in the main room and I want to see what the options are on getting insulation added under the tiles or boards , etc
Vicinity of Rogers Ave in Atlanta
We need a new roof and potentially gutter work. Interested in architectural shingles and a drip edge. We are the new owners of the house and would like the work to be completed as soon as possible before we move in, ideally between 5/22 - 6/1. Thanks, Rachel
Vicinity of Hummingbird Ln in Atlanta
Roof leak where screened porch that was built two years ago connects to existing house.
Vicinity of Hascall Road NW in Atlanta
Hood exhaust pipe leak (believe that top needs to be replaced), cover from chimney believed to have blown off
Vicinity of Harris Cir in Atlanta
Estimate for roof repair(leak)by chimney
Vicinity of Valley Lane NE in Atlanta
Vicinity of Hyde Park Ct NW in Atlanta
Interested in an evaluation of current roof to confirm that leak is due to gutter issue, rather than roof.
Vicinity of Stokes Ave in Atlanta
We are under contract to purchase this home (it's vacant). Our inspection found roof issues and we are would like to have it evaluated by you. We will need to have the repairs completed post-closing.
Vicinity of Beecher St SW in Atlanta
Our roof is nearing the end of its useful life and is also experiencing granule loss.
Vicinity of Candler St NE in Atlanta
We have a 100-year-old bungalow with an addition (about 10 years old I think). We have some rotting in the eave of one part of the addition, and we notice that a lot of leaves build up in the valleys on the addition. We'd like an overall assessment of the condition of the roof and and estimate for repair and/or replacement.
Vicinity of Kenyon Street SE in Atlanta
Need to have my roof looked at. There is a small hole and missing shingles on back corner of roof.
Vicinity of E Rock Springs Rd NE in Atlanta
We have a leak, likely where two parts of the roof meet. It has dripped through our kitchen ceiling. We'd like to use the Angie's List 10% off coupon for any work. Thanks!
Vicinity of Birchberry Ter SW in Atlanta
Vicinity of Ringle Road in Atlanta
Need roof repairs
Vicinity of Thirkeld Ave. SE in Atlanta
I have about three leakage in my ceiling from the roof.
Vicinity of Hapeville in Atlanta
Getting estimates on a 100 year old home which needs entire roof replaced.
Vicinity of Belmonte Court SW in Atlanta
I need of a New roof
Vicinity of E Rock Springs Rd NE in Atlanta
Minor shingle damage on the edge of the roof where a tree rubbed during the storm. Some of the underlying wood is exposed. I have a photo I can send.
Vicinity of Mecaslin St NW, in Atlanta
I had my HOA inspect the leak from my roof. here are the result of the inspection: Roof Repair: - Located leak coming in near and around power vent. - Clean membrane. - Apply a fabric mesh around power vent flashing. - Coat over flashing with elastomeric silicone based coating. - Coat heavily a 10x10 area surrounding power vent and all adjacent seams within vicinity. - Clean and remove all debris. Can you please give me a quote/estimate for the repair? Thank you.
Vicinity of Harvard Road NE in Atlanta
Need estimate for roof replacement
Vicinity of Telford Pl in Atlanta
Leaking around the chimney.
Vicinity of Buff Drive NE in Atlanta
We hear a drip in the attic when it rains/after it rains. There is some wet insulation in the attic but we cannot locate the leak. It's near the cricket of the chimney. There's no visible leak in the house, but wanted to have it checked out.
Vicinity of Oak St. in Atlanta
Roof Analysis and Repair/Replacement Estimate
Vicinity of Wylie St. SE in Atlanta
I had a company out to fix my gutters and they told me that the problem was a lot of roof grit in the gutters. They said that is caused by the roof over-heating and that I needed better venting. I want to verify if that is accurate and if so, get the problem sort out.
Vicinity of Overbrook Dr NW in Atlanta
We would like to get a free estimate for a roof replacement. Thank you!
Vicinity of Thurmand St in Atlanta
The roof is leaking inside the home.
Vicinity of Sumac Dr. in Atlanta
Need estimate for new roof
Vicinity of Courtenay Dr in Atlanta
We have two leaks and the roof is probably about 20 years old
Vicinity of Bainbridge Way SE in Atlanta
I want the deal as described on Angie's List - - - 8 leaks, etc....
Vicinity of Custer Ave SE in Atlanta
I need a quote on minor roof/gutter repair. A large tree limb fell Sunday night and hit the edge of the carport roof damaging the gutter and roof.
Vicinity of Pryor Road SW in Atlanta
Roof leaking. Home was built in 1945. Not sure how old roof is. It already had patchwork done by a previous owner. The leaks happening now are new. Need someone to look at the roof.
Vicinity of Abbey Dr in Atlanta
I have a leak
Vicinity of Forest Overlook Drive in Atlanta
I need an estimate for roof replacement.
Vicinity of Braeburn Circle SE in Atlanta
Internet. Just purchased a small home. Inspector didn't spend time on roof. My roof has previous leaks and when I drive up, I see Debris on the porch roof from storms. Would like estimate or someone to check it out
Vicinity of Trabert NW in Atlanta
Leak on roof
Vicinity of Woodcrest Ave. in Atlanta
Need a gazebo reroofed
Vicinity of in Atlanta
We have a leaky roof that needs evaluation and repair
Vicinity of Regency Park Ct in Atlanta
Small leak from Roof - from inside Garage in our single family home.
Vicinity of Ellwood Dr NE in Atlanta
I've been trying to fix a portion of a new roof (house extension - flat roof) for 2 months and am not getting any result. Need someone to come look at it and let me know what can be done. Ron
Vicinity of Westover Dr in Atlanta
Need a new roof
Vicinity of DORAL CIR in Atlanta
Major rain fall on Monday. Roof is leaking specificially over the front porch which I believe is due to the flashing. Roof is about 12 years old with 20 year shingles, and the roof over the porch is relatively newer than that. Had an adjuster come out who stated that flashing might be needed with caulking. The vinyl under neath the roof above the porch might need to be taken off to inspect underneath. A little bit of leaking inside on two windows, but I believe its due to the same thing about the roof with the flashing.
Vicinity of Cedar Canyon Court NE in Atlanta
Our roof shingles are falling out and part of the gutters need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Old Chapel in Atlanta
2 leaks in ceiling in the area of roof vent pipes
Vicinity of Darlington Commons CT NE in Atlanta
Water marks on ceilings in several spots indicate possible roof leaks. We would like a roof inspection. We would also like the gutters inspected and cleaned. If you do not provide that service, perhaps you can provide a referral to a gutter service. Also, the wood on our dormers might need to be replaced. We would like an inspection and estimate.
Vicinity of Darlington Commons CT NE in Atlanta
Water marks on ceilings in several spots indicate possible roof leaks. We would like a roof inspection. We would also like the gutters inspected and cleaned. If you do not provide that service, perhaps you can provide a referral to a gutter service. Also, the wood on our dormers might need to be replaced. We would like an inspection and estimate.
Vicinity of Edgemore Dr,. SE in Atlanta
On the back of my house there is a bow and valley so it looks like it is time to replace my roof. I wanted to get roof replacement quote. I am interested in knowing more about the recycled tire roofing as well.
Vicinity of Longley Ave NW in Atlanta
Closing on a home on Friday. It has 3 skylights in the attic master bedroom that need to have the glass replaced - the frames are fine. It also has a metal roof and has 2 vent penetrations that need to be booted - our inspector told us they're not properly flashed and I'd like that corrected.
Vicinity of Wanda Way in Atlanta
Need roof certification letter to compete purchase of house
Vicinity of Niskey Cove Road, SW in Atlanta
Interested estimate for roof replacement of pool house and gutters; repair of facia board and soffit as needed.
Vicinity of in Atlanta
Would like an estimate to re-roof my house with architectural shingles. Steve
Vicinity of Tell Place Way SW in Atlanta
I have noticed water stains on two interior walls inside my home, suggesting a water intrusion originating from the roof.
Vicinity of Tufton Trl in Atlanta
There is a leak coming from my roof and it has been leaking for approximately 1-2 weeks, and it is also leaking on the inside staining my ceiling.
Vicinity of Ivy Park Lane NE in Atlanta
I have a roof leak on an auxiliary roof at the flashing.
Vicinity of Emory Road in Atlanta
We have 2 leaks that need to be looked at (1 in the kitchen and 1 in the master bathroom).
Vicinity of Woodcliff Court in Atlanta
Need a spot inspected that leaked during a huge rainstorm a few days ago. It's possible that a gutter extention could solve the problem it's happened to several other home owners in our community. I got a recommendation from our HOA president Rick Bennett who is a client of yours. Can we set up an inspection Monday? Thank you in advance!
Vicinity of High Point Ter SW in Atlanta
I saw you on angie's list and wanted to know if the $200 offer includes replacing the boots on the roof? Also, I have inside repairs that need to be done in which an insurance adjuster has already given me an estimate for. If I am able to replace the boots using the angie's list offer and have you perform the remaining repairs I am interested and ready for repairs asap.
Vicinity of Burns DR SW in Atlanta
Hello and... help!!!! Haha, I'm a first-time homebuyer who was hoodwinked into getting a house with a ton of moisture issues. I need roof maintenance bad. I have a small little leak that unfortunately is right above my bed. There's several places water has gotten in to the attic (and mold has started to grow there). So, I'd like to see how we can work to keep the attic dry in the future as well. Thank you so much! Hoping we can get started ASAP with at least the roof patch up and see what a long-term fix looks like in the nearer-immediate future. Take care!
Vicinity of Cherry Blossom Ln in Atlanta
A tree fell and damaged a corner of our roof. It is also an old roof, so I would like to get a quote for the repair, and a separate one for replacing the whole thing, please.
Vicinity of Monroe Cir in Atlanta
Bought a new house which has a 21-year-old, damaged roof which needs to be repaired / replaced as do the gutters.
Vicinity of Emerald Ave. SW in Atlanta
Roof damaged from fallen limbs and severe rain
Vicinity of Emily Place NW in Atlanta
Vicinity of Sylvan Rd in Atlanta
Would like to have my roof evaluated for wind and hale damage
Vicinity of Santa Fe Trail in Atlanta
Replace shingles and some facia repair
Vicinity of Eula Circle in Atlanta
Recent hail and wind events have me concerned about possible damage. My insurance company requires an inspection to verify the condition and whether a claim is needed.
Vicinity of Roanoke Ave. NE in Atlanta
Roof leaking into our attic.
Vicinity of in Atlanta
Need new roof estimate.
Vicinity of Colebrook Ct Nw in Atlanta
Want to get a quote to repair or replace my roof
Vicinity of Highland View NE in Atlanta
Leaky roof Gutter cleaning Available friday 3/11 if possible
Vicinity of Wilson Road NW in Atlanta
Need new shingle roof installed on 1-story house
Vicinity of Meadowcreek Ct. in Atlanta
I need the roof repaired/replaced around the chimney chase - a structural repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Peyton Crossing Dr SW in Atlanta
A few shingles need to be replaced in one area. A patch (done by the builders in 2003) needs to be fixed so it does not leak. There is leaking in the attic around the chimney.
Vicinity of Lynnhaven Drive in Atlanta
Roof and gutter replacement is needed.
Vicinity of Vinson Dr. SE in Atlanta
A few water spots on ceiling noted after heavy rain. interested in repair.
Vicinity of Esprit CT SW in Atlanta
Need to replace old roof
Vicinity of Canyon Lake Dr in Atlanta
Roof leaking - 2 small leaks into the master bathroom and closet.
Vicinity of Mayfair DR NE in Atlanta
Best mode of communication is email. We would like to get an estimate on a full new roof. Our current roof is at the end of its wear and we would like to replace before issues occur.
Vicinity of Southerland Terrace Ne in Atlanta
Water leaking though ceiling in closet. may be a leak in the roof. Need to determine source of the leak and repair water damage to ceiling. Thank you
Vicinity of VALHALLA DR. NE in Atlanta
There is Roof leaking. When will be the earliest appointment for estimate? Thanks!
Vicinity of Greenglade Rd NE in Atlanta
We have a bit of a roofing emergency. You were out our house a few weeks ago to provide an estimate and found the shingles to be in good shape. At the time, the estimator didn't have the ne ladders to go onto the flat top of our mansard roof but was going to come back and take a look to see if there were any leaks. With all of the heavy rains, a leak has caused a light fixture to fall in our top level, so we now know that we do have at least one leak in need of a repair. Would it be possible to get someone to examine the roof Saturday? If not, what is the earliest possible time that someone could examine the roof for other leaks and to make any necessary repairs?