Work Requests in Alpharetta

Christian Brothers Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Alpharetta. Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing's recent work requests in Alpharetta and nearby areas!

Learn more about Christian Brothers Roofing & Contracting, LLC'S recent work requests in Alpharetta, GA
Vicinity of Essex Court in Alpharetta
I have an area in the roof that is rotten and leaking. I am looking to have it fixed and also have the overall condition of the roof evaluated. Thanks.
Vicinity of Waterside Dr in Alpharetta
Roofing repairs
Vicinity of Orchard Bend Trail in Alpharetta
Preparing home for selling. Roof has probably 5 yrs left. Interested in estimate on new. Roof is steep pitch.
Vicinity of Basnett Dr in Alpharetta
Leak over bay window, needs chaulking. also, a few missing shingles.
Vicinity of Patterstone Drive in Alpharetta
Repair/replace ventilation boot on roof.
Vicinity of Kingston Crossing Cir in Alpharetta
We had a leak in our roof that you had come out previously to look at however the problem is still there. We would like to also get an estimate on a new roof. Thanks!
Vicinity of Commons Lane in Alpharetta
Front Door overhang has wood rot, need it repaired
Vicinity of in Alpharetta
I need an ASAP roof tune up for a few nail pops and a gutter that needs to be adjusted to flow toward the downspout at a two year old town home VERY near your office in Roswell. Hoping you all can get out there Monday or Tuesday. I'm an agent with Coldwell Banker and I have used you all before.
Vicinity of Tamarack Court in Alpharetta
We have a water leak traced to a boot in the roof. Before proceeding to repair due to the age of the roof (approx 17 years) we are interested in scheduling a roof inspection as applicable to our insurance company - State Farm.
Vicinity of Ascalon Court in Alpharetta
Fallen shingles
Vicinity of South Bethany Creek Drive in Alpharetta
I got my home inspected during a selling contract and they found some wood rot and some roof repair. I'd like to get someone to repair both the wood and roof
Vicinity of Greencrest Cir in Alpharetta
I need to inspect roof on garage .we noticed leaking when heavy rain poured.
Vicinity of Clarity Rd in Alpharetta
Need roof replaced
Vicinity of Brisbane Dr. in Alpharetta
We've had a roof leak for a couple years, though in those years, it has only leaked a few times. A couple years ago, we had two companies look at the roof and could not locate the source, though they did caulk the vent pipe, which is the most likely candidate. We still had the leak a couple times after the caulking, but my self-diagnosis is that the flashing around the vent pipe is still the issue. I'd like to try to get a diagnosis and estimate on repair from Christian Brothers. The unashamedly nature of your being a Christian company is what drew me to you guys.
Vicinity of Cheshire Drive in Alpharetta
Hi - I have water damage from the recent tropical storm. Some of the damage is in the attic around my furnace and some other damage is in the master bedroom.
Vicinity of Lathenview Court in Alpharetta
Possible water leak from roof. Need a free inspection and estimate to determine cause and repair.
Vicinity of Yacht Ter in Alpharetta
Leak in residential roof
Vicinity of Carrara Cove in Alpharetta
Our roof was not installed properly and we had a slow leak that caused significant damage to our living room and parts of our kitchen. We are in need of a new roof that is installed correctly so that no more leaks occur in the future.
Vicinity of in Alpharetta
Replacing Roof.
Vicinity of Park Creek Way in Alpharetta
Need to reduce the heat in my attic.
Vicinity of Dewfield CT in Alpharetta
Tree fell on roof. Roof needs to be repaired asap.
Vicinity of Pinewalk Dr in Alpharetta
Tornado roof repair estimate. ASAP
Vicinity of Bethany Rd in Alpharetta
Roof inspection after major storm
Vicinity of Reindeer Ridge in Alpharetta
I think there is a leak on one side of roof and also would like to get thorough checking of the roof.
Vicinity of Seale Dr. in Alpharetta
I have a leak on the edge of a dormer. It is directly above my garage. Easy access.
Vicinity of Highlands Manor Trace in Alpharetta
Leak in roof caused by flashing around upper window
Vicinity of North Hickory Trace in Alpharetta
We have a set of shingles that have become partially attached and are in need of repair.
Vicinity of Aaronwood Ct. in Alpharetta
With recent snow/ice storm, found melting ice (water) from roof line leaking into master bedroom closet. Also, overall condition of house roof. Roof is about 15 yrs old.
Vicinity of PLANTATION TRCE in Alpharetta
Spots on ceiling in family room
Vicinity of Wynridge Sing in Alpharetta
Looking for roof replacement estimate. current once is to be replaced for wind damages.
Vicinity of Merganer Lane in Alpharetta
Leaky roof
Vicinity of Cooper Sandy Pointe in Alpharetta
Roof leak into room below
Vicinity of Devonshire Drive in Alpharetta
Roof in need of repair. Looking for estimate. Not sure when work will be done.
Vicinity of Bracebridge Rd in Alpharetta
Gutter cleaning company found a few missing shingles, would like quote to repair.
Vicinity of Foxmoor Circle in Alpharetta
Skylight leak
Vicinity of Long Indian Creek Court in Alpharetta
Roof leak that needs repair
Vicinity of High Hampton Chase in Alpharetta
Greetings: We need roof repair by chimney. Could you give us an estimate? We will be ready to repair, if we could have a deal.
Vicinity of Winshire Cov in Alpharetta
I just want to install ventilation that make the hot air going out from my roof. I need a quotation. I heard it's called Ridge Vent. Or if you have better solution, that would be great too.
Vicinity of Stanyan St. in Alpharetta
I am currently in due diligence for the purchase of the house at address above. Want to make sure there aren't any major issues prior to moving forward.
Vicinity of Wendlebury Ct in Alpharetta
I would like to get a roof inspection and estimate for any required work (repair or replacement). Thank you, Angela
Vicinity of Nesbit Lakes Dr in Alpharetta
We have had 3 shingles blow off from the high winds, we had 3 companies come out last year and said roof is in good shape. Need to see if we can put shingles back and check quality of the roof.
Vicinity of Greenmount Walk in Alpharetta
Need estimate for reroofing over existing roof
Vicinity of State Bridge Rd, in Alpharetta
Roof repairs needed......
Vicinity of Risen Star Lane in Alpharetta
Leaking roof
Vicinity of Wendlebury Ct in Alpharetta
My home is 10 years old; noticed some spots on garage ceiling that may indicate a roof leak. I would like my roof inspected, etc. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kings County Ct in Alpharetta
Roof and Gutters Estimate needed
Vicinity of W. Addison Dr. in Alpharetta
New roofing
Vicinity of Birmingham Rd in Alpharetta
No concerns. old roof :)
Vicinity of Cains Cove Dr in Alpharetta
Reroof and gutters estimate
Vicinity of Cottage Farm Road in Alpharetta
Missing shingles after the heavy winds last week.....
Vicinity of Avensong Ives Way in Alpharetta
We would like an estimate for a new roof. We have had a lot of wind and hail damage this year and would like to go the route of having our insurance pay for the roof if possible.
Vicinity of Crabapple Farm Dr in Alpharetta
Roof is leaking and damaging dry wall in house
Vicinity of Morton Crossing in Alpharetta
Have had several small shingles displaced because of wind storm this weekend Have shingles piled ( about 8 ) need roof inspected and shingles reattached and other necessary fixes completed. Am member of Annie's List.
Vicinity of Highland Pass in Alpharetta
Hail and other weather damage likely requiring replacement. I'm interested in help with getting it covered through homeowner's insurance.
Vicinity of Grey Abbey Dr in Alpharetta
I need an estimate for repair of a small roof leak as well as whole roof replacement. Thanks!